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  • Monday night, my two huskies got into a fight over their dinner. Though there was some bloodshed, nothing immediately looked too serious.
    The next morning, the oldest one’s left eye was swollen shut and oozing some scary looking goo. I left a voicemail on Foothills Animal Hospital machine at just after six a.m. and got a callback within five minutes of their open-for-business time (8:30).

    Though their schedule was full (they had been closed over the weekend), Dr Liehr and staff worked us in around mid-morning and all is well now. They even had the antibiotic eye-drops in their pharmacy, so i didn’t have to subject my furry pal to any extra trauma.

    Millions of thanks to the doctor and his staff for taking such great care of my ‘kids’!

  • Amy says:

    Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I’ve ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. I was completely at ease during my appointment here. They went to great lengths to make sure I was completely relaxed and comfortable the entire time. I never have to worry about them overbooking appointments. They definitely believe in quality over quantity here and it is much appreciated. They were by far one of the best I’ve ever seen in their field. It was obvious that they’ve been exceeding their clients’ expectations for many years. It was easy to get the appointment time that worked for my <url removed> staff is awesome and very caring. THey even sing to my dog to make here at ease when she needs shots. They are also very helpful when i call and ask many questions! I just wish they were open more on hte weekends… when our issues seem to happen, but everyone deserves a day or two off!

  • Perry says:

    They’re always able to answer simple questions over the phone. They only make me schedule appointments if necessary. They’ve never dismissed any of my concerns as unimportant, and take every concern of mine very seriously. When I arrived for my appointment the friendly staff seemed to be waiting for me. I’ve been to other places where I had to wait forever after I arrived for my appointment, but not here. I was very impressed. I appreciated that they were still concerned about my health even after I left the office. They followed up with me after my appointment and everything. I’ve been to one or two places that had a really bad smell. I was worried I would encounter it here too but I didn’t notice anything.

  • anonymous says:

    Roger Liehr is the best vet anywhere. Roger is caring, compassionate, highly knowledable and just awesome. If you are looking for a Vet……call Roger!

  • Very nice staff. Took good care of me when my cat passed.

  • Paula Bruch says:

    I recently moved to the area and found foothills animal hospital in the phone book. I took my boston terrier in for her yearly check up and vaccinations and the vet there was so great! He obviously truly loves animals, was super nice and very helpful. He explained things in a normal vocabulary that any regular person can understand and was very knowlegable. I am so glad I took my dog to them.

  • suemeg says:

    They went out of their way to make me feel special and respected, and were very sympathetic to my situation. I’ve never seen more kindness and empathy anywhere else. They don’t offer emergency after-hour services, which is frustrating because in an emergency I want to be able to see someone I trust. I will definitely refer my friends and family here. They were great and I think more people should know about them. They always go above and beyond to help me with anything I need. They never complain about anything, and I know I can always count on them. Whenever I make an appointment, I’m always confident that they’re going to be ready for me at my scheduled time. At other places I’ve been to, it’s always bothered me when they postpone my appointment, but they’ve never done that here.

  • Anonymous says:

    Was this provider’s staff friendly?
    Yes, they went above and beyond
    Was this veterinarian gentle when caring for your pet?
    Unbelievabley gentle, it is very apparant they truly care about pets well-being and comfort
    Were you able to relax during your appointment?
    Yes, I was completely at ease
    Was your pet well taken care while being boarded here?
    Absolutely, my pet always get so much attentiion
    How would you compare this provider to others in his/her field that you have visited?
    Among the best I have seen

  • Anonymous says:

    Did this animal hospital use current and safe equipment?
    Did this provider seem irritated to be working with you?
    Not at all, they were glad to help me with anything I needed

  • Howard says:

    Five Star Service speaks for itself. Take your dog here and you will see nothing but care from the staff and the doctor. It is impressive.

  • Tammy Smith says:

    Dr. Lehr and staff have been our family’s vet for over 10 years. They are great, a really wonderful place for your family friends!

  • Arbon Reimer says:

    Dr. Roger Liehr is the best veterinarian I have ever known. What I respect most about him is that he truly loves and cares for animals and doesn’t feed anyone baloney. He is honest, dedicated, and I would trust him with MY life, not just that of my pets. The staff is very friendly, helpful, caring and wonderful. I can’t recommend this veterinary clinic high enough. 5 stars is not enough.

  • kizzyjane says:

    No Better Vet For Your Pet. Dr Roger Liehr and his staff are amazing! This is a small-animal clinic, and they are superb at what they do (and how they do it). Every concern and/or question is given full attention and consideration: explanations are clear, and empathy is high. Foothills’ concern for the well-being of the non-human family member(s) is openly sincere.

  • Jennifer L. says:

    We have been using Dr Liehr for 25 years and would not use anybody else.

  • Pjw says:

    [...], but I’ve been going to Foothills for over 20 years. The Vet is probably one of the most caring human beings let alone Vets I have ever met. He takes his time with every client,and has always given a correct diagnosis. He gets on the floor with my big dog, who loves to go there,in fact he drags me in to see Roger and the rest of the staff. I can’t say anything bad about this hospital!!!

  • aardvark says:

    Great service. Loves your animals and only does what is necessary to maintain your pets health.

  • secox52 says:

    Best Vet EVER!!!!. We own 3 beautiful Pekingese, they are our children. Dr. Liehr,as well as ALL the girls in the office are incredible. Dr. Liehr speaks to you one on one as a “person” not just another client. He is truly amazing with all my babies. Recently we moved 300 miles away and I will STILL continue to travel just to see him. I trust this Dr. completely. If you are in need of a vet I highly recommend Foothills Animal Hospital.